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John Milton Academy Trust

These schools are part of the John Milton Academy Trust. Click on the school's logo to visit their website.

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At Cedars Park Primary School PSHE & RSE are at the heart of all areas of the curriculum. We are always striving to support children to develop their knowledge, skills and positive attributes in order to function and contribute as healthy and happy members of the community. To achieve this, we will give children the tools to be responsible decision-makers and show respect for themselves and others. They will receive support to understand how to regulate their emotions and develop critical resilience skills for life challenges. Of equal importance is the understanding and appreciation of different relationships including their place within the wider community. Our general approach is strengthened through the use of the Jigsaw PSHE programme of teaching which provides a consistent and spiralised curriculum throughout the school.

The PSHE Association says this curriculum:

  • Contributes to physical and mental health and wellbeing, encouraging individual responsibility for health.
  • Contributes to the safety and protection of our children and young people, from staying safe online to understanding risks associated with drugs and alcohol.
  • Promotes independence, resilience and responsibility — preparing children and young people for future roles as parents, employees and leaders.
  • Supports employability by developing the personal and social skills demanded by commerce and industry.
  • Supports pupils to be critical consumers of information, and develops the skills to identify misleading news or views on social media and elsewhere.