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No limit to learning


Assessment should provide the basis of informed teaching, helping children to overcome their learning difficulties and ensuring that teaching builds on what has been learned. It is also the means by which understand what they have achieved and what they need to work on.


At Cedars Park we assess in a number of ways, this could be either summative or formative.

Summative Assessment

This is a ‘snapshot’ testing which establishes what a child can do at a given time.  Some examples are listed below.

Statutory Assessment:


Pupils are assessed at the end of Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Pupils in Reception are assessed throughout the year using the assessment strands in the guidance material in the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  At the end of the Foundation Stage a Summative assessment is made in each of the 17 strands.


End of Year Teacher Assessments:


Teacher assessments are made for all year groups at the end of the year.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to inform teacher assessments in Reading, Writing, Science and Maths.

Class Tests:


Created by the class teacher (or Year group) and used in day-to-day lessons (e.g. times table, spelling tests and grammar tests.

Formative Assessment
This is the day-to-day, ongoing assessment that is part of the repertoire of teaching strategies, based upon how well pupils fulfil learning objectives.  It is about providing feedback and involving pupils in improving their learning.

Self and Peer Assessment:


Pupils are trained and encouraged, in oral or written form, to evaluate their own and their peers’ achievements against the learning objective (and possibly beyond) and reflect on the successes or otherwise, of the learning process.



Must reflect the learning objectives of the task to be useful and provide an ongoing record; can be oral or written.


Target Setting:


Targets set for individuals, over time, for ongoing aspects e.g. Writing.

Celebrating Achievement:


Making links between achievements explicit; treating all achievements in the same way and thus creating an inclusive learning ethos, rather than an emphasis on an external reward ethos.

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